We organize expeditions all around the world. We do hiking, snowshoeing, skiing, horse and camel riding in remote areas of Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Sahara desert, central Asia, Equatorial Africa, Eastern Europe, Southeastern Asia. Exceptional Travels and real Adventures are guaranteed. We plan our expeditions very carefully that let us see the real hidden world.

July 2024
Very difficult

Cape Chelyuskin. Taymyr

Таймырский автономный округ

This is the most complicated trek in our experience. It includes a 100-km trek across Byrranga, the world’s northern-most mountains, a 300-km rafting down a river beyond the Polar Circle and a hike along the coast of the Arctic Ocean to Cape Chelyuskin, Eurasia’s northernmost point.

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Программа лояльности — это скидки от 5 до 25% на участие в последующих курсах выживания, на маршрутах по России и экспедициях за рубеж.

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