Cape Chelyuskin. Taymyr

Cape Chelyuskin. Taymyr
Taymyr, Krasnoyarsk Krai
20 days
Difficulty level
100 км пешком, 300 км сплав
Dmitriy Aleshkin
Participation fee for 1 person
5000,00 €

There are no more rocks or buttes north of the Byrranga Mountains—neither in Russia, nor across the continent. Very few humans ventured through these parts via its rivers. Only herds of musk oxen which were brought over here from America graze at the foot of the mountain range. Almost no one ever traverses the range. The nearest human settlement is hundreds of kilometers away from here. The closest is at Cape Chelyuskin, Eurasia’s northernmost point. That is where we plan to complete our trip.

What shall we be able to find in these mountains? It is difficult to specify. Yet after trekking the Putorana, a neighboring mountainous area, one can safely assume that it will be possible to find some remaining signs of human existence here. Thing is that the climate was much warmer here relatively recently (one thousand years ago): for example, there were forests here. Its remains were still used as firewood by the Nganasans, the indigenous semi-nomadic people who were roaming around the foot of the mountains with their herds of deer.

Our expedition will start in a locality called Khatanga: the helicopter will take us from there to the northern shore of Lake Taymyr. We shall slowly veer eastwards in order to get to the meteorological station at Cape Chelyuskin.

Khatanga is connected by  air service with Norilsk and Krasnoyarsk.

Number of days: 20

Cost per person: 5000 EUR

Number of participants: 6-10 people

Meeting point: Moscowкнопка_подарите_поход_другу

* Trek program can be changed due the weather conditions, physical conditions of participants, other reasons

Our relate in Russian about expedition in 2019 you can find here

Price includes

  • all transfers
  • food 
  • instructor's service 
  • rent of common equipment (tents, cooking equipment, GPS, etc.)
  • Additional expenses: travel expenses to Khatanga from Moscow and back, rent of personal equipment, visits of cafes and restaurants, personal expenses.
Do You want to go to this trek individually or with your family or friends only? We can find convinient dates for you and we will help you to buy tickets to the meeting point. Just call or write us!

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