Journey to Indonesia. Bali, Papua New Guinea, Flores and Komodo Islands

Journey to Indonesia. Bali, Papua New Guinea, Flores and Komodo Islands
14 days

 We would like to introduce a program that covers the most interesting places of Indonesia.

En route

Papua New Guinea Island (Irian Djaiaya). You will meet with the well known tribe of headhunters, the Asmats. In some areas this stigmatized tradition is still exercised, especially among the mountainous tribes of the Dani and Yani that are a largely Neolithic society.

The nature preserve of Komodo Island has been a world heritage site of the UNESCO since 1994.This preserve contains the Giant prehistoric lizards known as “Varanus komodoensis”

Mysterious island of Bali

Unique sights and beautiful beaches, such as the Indian and Pacific Oceans, and the Flores and Arafura seas. 

Day 1
Departure by plane from Moscow to Indonesia, flight time is 15 hours

Day 2
Arrival on Bali Island. Ngura Rai airport. then transfer to a hotel. We will have accommodations at a hotel from 3-4pm*. Then time for a brief rest. Then time enjoying the beach. At night, the we will enjoy an evening performance of one of the brightest traditional bali dances, the “kichak dance” or “the fire dance”. The presentation is carried out in a temple which is located on a cliff, at a height of 100 meters above sea level. This makes for a breathtaking prospect over the ocean bay Uluvantu, which is translated to “snake’s stone” illuminated by the sun’s glare. Next is the most popular place among surfers, the Jimbaran district. Dinner is served at a seafood restaurant on the beach. The tables are set waterside.

Day 3
Breakfast will be served in the hotel; we will transfer to the airport known as Hnura Rai. Transfer to Flores Island by a regular flight of the local airlines. Flight time is about 1 hour.

After that is our arrival at the airport “Labuanbadjo”. We will then travel by car to visit the mountainous “manggarai” tribe where we will be entertained with the indigenous welcome ceremony featuring the “chachi” dance. The participants of this dance show their dexterity and the ability to endure pain by whipping each other with the one taking the hit thought to be defeated. The competition is held to the deafening accompaniment of the metallophone ensemble Gamelan. The celebration will come alive with showy male and female dances and songs, while we will dine on bread baked in a bamboo oven.

After this, we will learn to make a traditional alcoholic beverage known as tuak, and then sample various kinds. Then we will return to Labuabandjo harbor, where we travel by ship to Bidadari island, a place of white sand and blue water. Among the many activities here are: diving with a mask and flippers. Dinner will be held onboard. After this is night fishing followed by an overnight stay in our cabins.

Day 4
Now for Komodo Island, a national park- biosphere which is considered a UNESCO unique nature conservation site. Here we witness the peculiarities of everyday life of people living in immediate vicinity of gigantic prehistoric pangolins, of which an adult male might grow to 3 to 4 meters. The bite of even a young individual can cause serious injuries. A huge amount of pathogenic bacteria accumulate on these animals’ teeth, causing their bite to become infectious. 2000 of these beasts exist today.

Breakfast will be held onboard the ship again, followed by registration in the central office. We will then have an excursion around the reserve with local guides for 3-4 hours. The staff of this reserve is specially trained and armed with long Y-shaped sticks to prevent animals from coming too close. Apart from monitor lizards there are wild buffalo, deer, boars, monkeys and exotic bird species there. After this we will enjoy some pearl diving, followed by lunch onboard. Then we arrival at the Labuanbadjo settlement, seeing the desert Islands of Flores Sea, anchoring briefly at times.

Now it’s time to rest onboard before scuba diving, then dinner, followed by an overnight stay onboard.

Day 5
Breakfast onboard the ship where we see Bidadari Island. Then it’s free time with plenty of swimming. Now we have lunch in a restaurant on a mountain with an excellent view over Labubanjo bay. Then we travel to the airport for a one hour flight to our Bali island hotel. It’s a 3-4 star accommodation there.

On Bali island we will have an excursion to a factory which produces a unique kind of coffee known as Luvak. The beans that make Luvak are eaten by jungle foxes. The beans are not fully digested and taken from the fox feces and are fried and packed. This is one of the most expensive kinds of coffee. We will also have a night tour of the Kuta settlement. The island is a paradise for souvenir lovers.

Day 6
First we will have breakfast at the hotel. Then we transfer to the Ngura Rai airport. We will have a morning flight to Papua New Guinea island (Irian Jaya, Indonesian part) Flight time is 5 hours. Next we arrive at the capital of Irian Jaya, the city Jaya Pura where we will enjoy 2 star hotel accommodations. Then we have a city tour featuring a unique museum of island art which will explore the history of headhunters. We will also see military base G in Pacific bay. Then we have some more swimming.

Our plans next include an excursion via boat to Lake Sentani. This is the biggest lake in the island of Papua New Guinea. Next we are set to see a settlement of the Sentani tribe, starting with a welcome ceremony.Here the houses are on piles, the dwellers walk on wood deck on foot or by bikes. They are masters of unique wood paintings which have a very rustic style. We will also enjoy the nearby beautiful lake scenery.Then we will have dinner at a fish restaurant called “yoga”, and enjoy a meeting by sunset.

Day 7
We start the day with breakfast, followed by a transfer to the airport, then we depart by a commercial flight to Baliem valley. This flight will last 40 minutes. After that we will arrive in the city of Vamena-a place where Neolithic culture and modern comforts exist side by side.
Here we will find paraboliс dishes alongside naked people with stone axes, where we will stay at a 2 star hotel accommodation.

Enjoy an excursion around the local markets for an impressive and entertaining experience, while purchasing novelties from the tribe such as piglets, sugar, cigarettes, sweets and tobacco. A visit to the traditional village of the Dani tribe and then Jivika completes the experience nicely. Here you will experience another welcome ceremony with the the entire village participating. Next will be a demonstration of martial concept here, followed by the dance of warriors and a display of their art of war and daily paintings.

Next we will see the day to day life of the local residents. A visit to the Papuan garden will show us how they dig for yams and manioc. Then we will learn to produce fire using a bow string. Then how to make a bamboo knife and stone axe before cooking a pig in a traditional luau on stones for the pig festival (a centerpiece of Papuan cuisine), the whole village participates in this process. Next we will make a lunch box, and bows and arrows with which to practice traditional Papuan archery. See the peculiarities of local healing,involving potion production and bloodletting. Hear them play traditional Papuan instruments while dancing traditional dances and songs. Then we can have a visit to private and family houses to observe their lifestyle. Both men and women here are painted with war paint. We will also see the making of their traditional clothing: women’s skirt-Sali, men’s garments-koteka (this is also a name for dried vegetable marrow). After this there will be fishing, and shrimp catching using a blade of grass. Presents can be purchased here. Then we trek to the mountains, to visit a saline lake. This lake is a source of salt for local inhabitants. We can then return to Jivika village to examine the 400 year old mummy of the village’s founder. We can finish off the day with dinner back at the hotel’s restaurant.

Day 8
Start with breakfast, then it’s off for some trekking. We will trek for about 4-5 hours on a course of medium difficulty through the nearby hills. After transferring to Sugokmo village, We can head to the village of Kurima, then to Hesengem hill towards Kiligise village which is the final destination of the expedition. On the way you will be able to watch local people in their day to day life as well as enjoy the beautiful scenery. We will have lunch boxes with us.
After this, we will transfer to the hotel. Dinner is in the hotel restaurant.

Day 9
First we will have breakfast before transferring to the airport followed by our departure via commercial airliner to the city of Timika. Flight time is 40 minutes. Here we would stay in a 2 star hotel.

Timika city is the capital of the vast coastal wetlands; here you can come across the asmat and komorro tribes, and the biggest Irian Jaya community. Even in modern times, these people practice headhunting. We will have an automobile excursion to the Kualarenchana settlement before we see an American paradise among impassable jungles. Then we will transfer to a hotel where we will have dinner.

Day 10
We start the morning with breakfast, then an excursion to Mapura Jaya bay- the location of the komorro tribe. We will have a 30 minute canoe ride. At the entrance of the bay we will receive a traditional greeting where men in full war paint row while standing on long boats to the rhythmic cheers of the crowd. The locals then surround the guests and see them off to the bay. This welcome ceremony involves the participation of the entire coastal population. Here you can get acquainted with the daily life and traditions of the Komorro, including Man house-jey, which is a place occupied purely by men. They also have completely unique music instruments, with traditional dances and songs.

Women and men both wear a ritual adornment made of cassowary bones (a species of ostrich), cuscus fur (the tree kangaroo) and sea shells, they also have unique woodcarvings. Lunch will be out of our lunch boxes, then we will trek to the saga plantation, which is across the swampy jungles. Flour produced from the core of the saga palm tree is a basis of the daily Komorro diet. Saga larvae gathering are a significant source of protein for their diet. After this, we will return to the village for some traditional bread baking and having some fried larvae in bamboo stems before we return to Mapura Jaya bay. We will then have dinner at the guest house.

Day 11
We will have breakfast before going to the airport. Then we will depart by a commercial airliner to Bali Island. Our flight will last 5 hours before we transfer to the hotel. We will then have a car ride to Tanak Lot. At high tide, the cliff, where the temple of the same name is located partly sinks into the ocean. We will meet by sunrise before we return to the hotel.

Day 12
We will have breakfast before mountain rafting for three hours through one of the most picturesque and interesting routes in Indonesia. After lunch, we will see Ubud, a settlement of artisans and woodcarvers. Here we will witness Barong, the most colorful performance of Bali dance culture. After this we will return to the hotel

Day 13
First is breakfast before a day long excursion to lake Batur. Next to the lake there is a volcano of the same name.

The last eruption here happened towards the end of the 20th century. In the Trunian village we will see a unique cemetery where the deceased are not buried but instead are put on the ground. Afterwards we will return to the hotel.

Day 14
After breakfast, we will have some leisure time. Then we will transfer to the airport before departing for Moscow.

The price of the tour may vary, but is around $4300

This price includes

- Program planning
- International flights: Denpasar-Jayapura; Jayapura-Timika; Timika-Denpasar; Denpasar-Labuanbadjo-Denpasar.
- Entrance tickets and ceremonies
- Other traveling expenses as per program
- Medical insurance
- Russian speaking instructor

The price does not include

-International flights from Moscow to Bali island and back to Moscow
-Airport fees

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