Pavel Kamanin

Participant and organizer of many year-round camping trips, sports trekking and expeditions to various geographic and climactic regions—from the Crimea to the Khibiny Mountains, from the Caucasus and Armenia to locations around Moscow. Has experience working with all kinds of age groups—from children to sports-oriented adults. Participated many times in orienteering and trail running competitions.

Has extensive experience of working with and managing people under emergency conditions. Worked as rescue fireman and as industrial climber. Has an EMERCOM medical instructor qualification with specialization in emergency procedures and human rescue operations management. Was in government service for 14 years providing security and physical protection for government officials.

Is notable for personal charisma, intellectuality, passion for local history studies as well as deep insight into Russian and foreign history. His thorough studies of cultural traditions of the regions where trips and expeditions are organized provide the best guarantee for interesting and enlightening background of such events.