Trekking in Russia

July 2024

The Pomors of the Kola Peninsula

Мурманская область

White Sea coast of the Kola Peninsula is famous for its ancient labyrinths created by the Sami (Laplanders), its fishing tonyá hamlets founded by the Pomors and its old wooden churches that were built by the monks from the Solovetsky islands.



Мурманская область

We shall go on a walking tour to one of the most rigorous, yet most beautiful areas in the European part of Russia—the Khibiny Mountains. It is located north of the Arctic Circle, and summer lasts only two months here.

During the seven days of the trek we shall pass by Maly Vudyavr Lake, Petrelius and Rischorr mountain passes, Marchenko Peak and ascend Yudychvumchorr, the highest mountain in the European north of Russia (1201 m).

With our skillful instructors you can make a plan of your own hiking tour in Russia or in any other country.

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