Cape Dezhnev Expedition

Cape Dezhnev Expedition
16 days
Difficulty level

Anadyr - Lavrentiya - Lavrentiya inlet - Kuiymatavaam river - lake Koolen - Rybnaya river - Nunyamo settlement - Daurkin Peninsula - Cape Dezhnev - Uelen 

The distance between Lavrentiya township and Cape Dezhnev, the easternmost point of Eurasia, is around 130 kilometers which are made up of sugar loaf mountain, crags jutting out of bogs and marshy ground, creeks and rivulets. We shall hike over a rugged country where one can meet bears and reindeer much more often than humans. We shall spend the night under temporarily erected shelters, prepare food using driftwood that the waves transported to the shore of the Bering Sea.

Why do we need this at all? How many people have seen the Bering Strait dividing Russia from Alaska? When did humans walk over here during the era of technical progress? We go there because we can! Because we depend on our own will rather than on modern technology and comfort.

Dates:  August, 9-25 2016

Price per person: 3500 EUR

Club Members' discount - 5%

Trek length –  260 km

Group consists of 5-8 people

Initial meeting place: city of Anadyr

Trekking Program*

Day 1

Arrival by plane to Anadyr. While coming to our senses after a very long flight we will walk around the most colorful township in the north of Russia. We shall spend this night at a local hotel.


Arrival in Lavrentiya township by helicopter and starting our hike from there.

DAYS 3-8

During the five or six days we shall hike up the Lavrentiya inlet going up and down the stony sugar loaf mountains. Crossing the Kuiymatavaam river we shall hike lake Koolen.

Most of the hike will be leading us along the boggy creek shores covered with moss and hillocks.

From the upper reaches of Rybnaya river we shall hike to the abandoned Nunyamo settlement and later continue eastward, to the rocky part of the Daurkin Peninsula.

When we reach the Cape Dezhnev, we shall turn northward, in the direction of Uelen township.

DAY 9-14

The weather in these parts is extremely uncertain. It is possible to catch a flight from Uelen to Lavrentiya. So, depending on the weather report, we can either wait for a helicopter or start for our hike back.

This time we shall walk straight to Koolen Lake and on to Lavrentiya inlet.

From Lavrentiya we shall fly to Anadyr. While there, we can wash and relax in the hotel.

DAY 15(16)

For Anadyr we must save one extra day since we can fly out to the mainland depending on the changeable weather conditions.

* Trek program can be changed due the weather conditions, physical conditions of participants, other reasons

Meals are to be made from food that is provided by the Wolfin Survival School and will be distributed among all participants.

Price includes:

- all transfers on the route

- food

- instructor’s service

- rent of common equipment (tents, cooking equipment, GPS, etc.)

Additional expenses: travel expenses to and from initial meeting place, rent of personal equipment, personal expenses

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What you need to do


You need special permission to visit Chukotka


List of required equipment you can find here


You need active sport insurance


Initial meeting point — city of Anadyr

Trust to Proffesionals

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