Europe-Asia hiking tour

Europe-Asia hiking tour
Пермский край, Свердловская область
9 days
Difficulty level

This hiking tour lasts 7 days, traveling along rivers in the Urals, though the villages of Ust-Uls and Zolotanka.

During the hiking tour, you will discover the untouched beauty of the Ural Mountains: the proud sacred cliffs, seething rapids where fish have swum since hundreds of years ago, forest streams with crystal-clear water, and the taiga, which is full of wild animals and birds.
The Urals are truly a place like no other, come see a bear, encounter a partridge resting on a twig in your path or watch wild horses at play.

To take part in our hiking tour you need to gain experience. If you are a beginner, yet you long for diving into the land of dense taiga forest then do not hesitate to call us.

Initial meeting place: Perm city

This course will take place during the summer season (May-October)

This group will consist of 3 to 12 people

This tour’s final destination will be Severo-Uralsk. In the Sverdlov Region

Meals are to be made from food that is provided by the Wolfin Survival School and will be distributed among all participants.
*fish, game, and edible plants will be gathered during the course of the expedition.

Required equipment: a rucksack, a sleeping bag, a polyurethane foam mat, suitable clothes and shoes, headwear with a mosquito screen, a field knife, matches, a caproic rope, a spoon, a bowl, insect repellent, a flask or plastic bottle, a personal first aid kit, personal care items, and a compass.

Price: 38 000 RUR per person
Additional travel expenses to and from the course will also apply.

Expedition program

Day 1

-arrival at Perm
- Transfer by bus to Krasnovishersk, the first destination
-departure from Krasnuvishersk, we will stay there overnight

Day 2

- Transfer by Ural truck to Mutikha village
- Hike along the Vishera river, 10 km
- Set up camp in a taiga forest

Day 3

-Hike to Ust-Uls settlement, 20 km
-Set up camp, then training to build a fire without matches, filter water, and build a shelter using improvised means.

Day 4

- Hike to Zolotanka village
- -Purchase the necessary provisions
- Set up a camp, fishing

Day 5

- Rest at camp
- Fishing
- Training in land navigation, and making household items using whatever can be found
- Rest

Day 6

- Hike to the Uls river to where it meets the Kutim river
- Advice on ways to cross a mountainous river will be given
- Cross the river
- Hike to the settlement of Kutim
- Overnight stay

Day 7

- Tour the ruins of the Kutim settlement and metallurgical works as well as a railway dating back to the 19th century.
- Travel to the south, along the Ural mountain range
- Overnight stay at the Greater Lyamsha river

Day 8

- Go to the timber trade road, 10 km
- Hike through the Ural mountain range from Europe to Asia
- Hiking along the Greater Losva river, 10 km
- Setting up camp for the last night, farewell banquet

Day 9

-Transfer from the camp to Severo-Uralsk city, the final destination
-Departure from Severo-Uralsk to Ekaterinburg

Trust to Proffesionals

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