Trek on the North of Kolskiy Peninsula

Trek on the North of Kolskiy Peninsula
5 days
Difficulty level

Murmansk – Staray Titovka – Novaya Titovka – Musta-Tuntury – Kutovaya – Sredniy (Middle) Peninsula – Dva Brata (Two Brothers) – Rybachiy (Fishermen’s) Peninsula – Sredniy Peninsula – Staray Titovka - Murmansk

Two peninsulas, Sredni [Middle] and Rybachi [Fishermen’s], were the witnesses of our great history when Soviet territories beyond the Arctic Circle were defended against Nazi invaders. Here, at the shores of the Barents Sea, among the rocks and mountains covered by dwarf arctic birches, Soviet soldiers and navy men were fighting from 1941 to 1944.

Coastal batteries, trenches and dugouts from that time still exist in the pristine wilderness of the Arctic tundra surrounded by lead-colored waves of the Barents Sea. At the other side of the peninsula, both on the rocky Musta Tunturi [Black Hill] mountain range and along the Titovka river, positions of the German and Finnish units can still be seen here and there as well as the remains of the aerial wire-rope way.

Dates:  July, 18-22 2016

Price per person: 19 800 RUR

Minors (under 18 years of age) get a 15% discount only if they take the trip with a parent.

Trek length –  80 km

Group consists of 6-12 people

Initial meeting place: city of Murmansk

Trekking Program*

Day 1

After a ride of 100 kilometers on the main road from Murmansk we get off at Staraya Titovka village. Our trip starts here leading us north, along the Titovka river. First of all, we shall admire the waterfall, and by the middle of the day we shall arrive at the remains of Novaya Titovka where heavy fighting was raging in 1941.

Further on, we shall turn west starting our assent to the Musta Tunturi mountain range. In some places sniper nests and artillery gun lines from 70 years ago can still be seen.

Day 2

Crossing the mountain pass, we start descending to the Barents Sea, with Sredni and Rybachi peninsulas in front of us.

Arriving at what is remaining of the Kutovaya village, we shall go north along the western shore of the Sredni peninsula. Here was the Soviet line of defense consisting of coastal batteries, trenches and dugouts. German forces could not take this fortress which was defending the approaches to Murmansk from the sea.


Passing a unique natural landmark – rock pillars called Dva Brata [Two Brothers], we shall arrive at the northernmost tip of the Sredni peninsula. Turning eastward from there, we shall walk to the land bridge connecting Sredni and Rybachi peninsulas where we can experience the tundra as a kingdom of the reindeer. 


We shall head towards the mainland along the eastern shore of the Sredni peninsula. During the war it was the support area for Soviet military positions. Later fishermen lived and toiled here; today, however, only neglected roads remain, as well as hunters’ lodges, camping grounds, ruined and wrecked machinery. There is only lead-colored Barents Sea all around and the low polar sky.


Crossing the Musta Tunturi range once again we shall arrive at the old road that connected Murmansk and Pechenga (the latter was called Petsamo before the war because it belonged to Finland). Here we can observe more German and Finnish lines. In 1944 the whole enemy defense system along Titovka river was finally broken and overrun by Soviet Army units, so that within weeks they could free Soviet territories beyond the Arctic Circle as well as some in Northern Norway.

We shall return to Murmansk from Staraya Titovka.

The territory of both peninsulas was cleared of mines and shells.

* Trek program can be changed due the weather conditions, physical conditions of participants, other reasons

Meals are to be made from food that is provided by the Wolfin Survival School and will be distributed among all participants.

Required equipment: a rucksack (50-60l), a sleeping bag (+10 comfort), a carry mat, suitable clothes and shoes, headwear, a field knife, matches, a spoon, a bowl, insect repellent, a flask or plastic bottle, a personal first aid kit, personal care items, and a poncho.

Price includes:

- all transfers on the route

- food

- instructor’s service

- rent of common equipment (tents, cooking equipment, GPS, etc.)

Additional expenses: travel expenses to and from initial meeting place, rent of personal equipment, personal expenses

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