Ancient Vantit. Voronezh Trail Trekking

Ancient Vantit. Voronezh Trail Trekking
Voronezh region
4 days
Difficulty level

Vantit is complex of archaeological sites located in the forests not too far from the northern boundary of the city of Voronezh. The scenic countryside on the shores of the Voronezh river is the place for one of the historical regions of Russia, the ancient habitat of Eastern Slavs. Vantit, as modern historians claim, used to be the last larger settlement (and also the region) on the boundary of the Slavic world.

We shall take the trip along the ecological trail along the Voronezh river. We shall pass such ancient settlement sites as Mikhailovskoe, Zubarevskoe, Lysaya Gora and Belaya Gora, and also visit the Palace of the Princess of Oldenburg in Ramon.

Every evening we shall conduct interesting classes dedicated to autonomous survival under wildlife conditions.

Class topics:

            - Survival tactics and strategy in different climactic and geographical conditions

            - Trail orienting: finding your way around unfamiliar territory using a map, a compass, taking into account local signs and celestial bodies.

            - Constructing shelters, ways of getting fire, types of woodfires.

Price per person: 15 000 RUR

Minors (under 18 years of age) get a 15% discount only if they take the trip with a parent.

Club discount - 7%

Trek length –  60 km

Group consists of 6-12 people

Initial meeting place: city of Voronezh, railway station

Trekking Program*

Day 1

We shall meet in the city of Voronezh, from where our way will be northward, along the Voronezh Large Ecological Trail. We shall pass through an oak forest by the river, through a territory with many slopes and gulches.

We shall visit the “Vantit Micro-Region”, at the center of an ancient settlement, which is a complex of necropoleis, ceremonial sites and ancient hill forts from the 8th to 10th centuries A.D. and earlier periods.

There are many clear water spring-wells here, beautiful natural tracts and landmarks. Walking via such tracts as Lysaya Gora, Mokryi Log and Belaya Gora, we shall reach Chertovitsy, the oldest village in the Voronezh Oblast.

We shall stay for the night at the southern side of the village. 

Day 2

After sightseeing in Chertovitsy—visiting the Archangel Church built in 1763 and an old park, we shall reach the foot of the Barkovaya Hill.

We shall hike through the oak forest and the ancient Slavic hill fort that was destroyed in the 13th century by Mongol invaders. Reaching Ramon, we shall look around the Palace of Princess of Oldenburg built in the 19th century (The Oldenburg family was related to the Russian Tsar’s family) and visit the oldest Russian sugar mill and refinery. We shall see the monument to Sergei Mosin, the designer of the famous Russian military rifle called “three-line rifle”.

We shall spend our second night on the shore of the Voronezh river, by the Ramon township.

day 3

There will be a long trek through the forests of the Usmanski pine wood, a nature reserve in the Voronezh Oblast featuring outstanding natural beauty.

Trekking from Zverinets lodge, which still has an intact small hunting lodge of the Princess of Oldenburg from the late 19th century, we shall reach the mostly dried-up and swampy stream bed of the Moshka river. From there, we shall walk via a beautiful mixed forest to Maklok township (previously a hamlet) and admire its many special sights: old ponds, lakes, the Maklok Springwell which a local natural sanctuary featuring inlayed fumed oak; also Svaytogor, an immense old oak-tree, as well as one of the first monuments to Lenin that was erected in Russia (in 1924).

From Maklok township we shall walk through a forest on the shore of the Usmanka river in the Konyushni [Stables] tract where we shall stay for the third night.

day 4

Trekking via the Usmanski pine wood, we shall reach a suburb of Voronezh from where we shall take a ride to the city. Approximately by the mid-day we shall be in downtown Voronezh, thus closing the route of the 60-kilometer-long Voronezh Large Ecological Trail.

* Trek program can be changed due the weather conditions, physical conditions of participants, other reasons

Meals are to be made from food that is provided by the Wolfin Survival School and will be distributed among all participants.

Required equipment: a rucksack (50-60l), a sleeping bag (+10 comfort), a carry mat, suitable clothes and shoes, headwear, a field knife, matches, a spoon, a bowl, insect repellent, a flask or plastic bottle, a personal first aid kit, personal care items, and a poncho.

Price includes:

- all transfers on the route

- food

- instructor’s service

- rent of common equipment (tents, cooking equipment, GPS, etc.)

Additional expenses: travel expenses to and from initial meeting place, rent of personal equipment, personal expenses

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