We can do what others only keep dreaming about! Everything is possible.

Whether traveling to the Siberian taiga, to the Sahara desert, to the jungle in the Amazon or to the snows north of the Arctic Circle, we learn how to appreciate wilderness as our home. Nature is for us neither a battlefield, nor an objective for subjugation. We see wildlife as a part of ourselves.

We act while others are only talking.

Join us! Enough of seeing the world through the TV screen!


We teach people to exist under wildlife conditions. Everything is simple. One does not need to take to the forest or to the desert a whole bunch of equipment and supplies. A minimum is enough. Like taking a knife and a fire striker with you. Using them one can build a shelter, find water, get warm and find food. We teach these skills in our courses as well as during our trips and expeditions.

Interpersonal relations can become very strained under unfamiliar, difficult conditions. In a truly extreme situation you may find yourself side by side with a complete stranger, someone who is differs very much from you having different attitudes, alternative wishes. Psychological training preparing for such situations is sometimes more important than an ability to start a fire or to find food.


The Wölfin Survival School was founded in 2007. Our experience includes already hundreds of trips to faraway corners of Russia as well as the rest of the world, including Siberian taiga, Amazon jungle, Sahara and Gobi deserts and ice-covered expanses beyond the Arctic Circle.

Our method of training for survival under wildlife conditions is based on the experience accumulated by SAS (British special forces), British wilderness programs, Russian and international expeditions, pathfinders, travelers, and on own practices and know-how.

Hundreds of participants have already joined our programs.


The coach team of the Wölfin Survival School is made up of experienced travelers, psychology experts (with a diploma issued by SCOLIPE, Russian State University of Physical Education, Sport, Youth and Tourism, for “experts in survival under extreme conditions”), as well as veterans of special units of the Russian Ministry of Defense.


You will obtain survival experience under wildlife conditions so that you can use it in your everyday life, be it during your outside activities, at the picnic in a forest, during a hiking trip, at your dacha, or while being on a tourist trip in tropical countries.

Most importantly, you will change your attitude to the world in which you live and to nature around you.


Our groups normally consist of 5-10 persons aged between 14 and 70, but mostly people in the age group between 27 and 45 years take part in our trips.

We are seeking an individual approach for our enterprises while selecting optimal programs for our clients and participants.

Many trips and expeditions are planned together with our clients so that physical abilities and personal wishes of any one of them is taken into account.


How can one survive under wildlife conditions? How can one find food for oneself, how to cope with extreme lack of water in the desert, how not to freeze to death in the taiga during winter or to get away undamaged from the jungle that is filled with millions of poisonous insects and snakes? All this knowledge was active as a part of life for many millions of inhabitants on Planet Earth only several dozens of years ago.

Today’s inhabitants of modern megacities can find their way very well through the wilderness of Internet or through the city jungle while only 100 or 200 years ago human beings could not imagine a life without day-to-day connection to the surrounding nature: hunting, fishing, gathering of berries and mushrooms was something known to almost anyone. Unfortunately, many of us today have gone very far away from this sort of occupations.

Should any emergency situation occur, whether that is related to power outages or forest fires, unusually severe frost in winter or a crash landing in an unpopulated area, the average city inhabitant will be completely defenseless, because his experience and his knowledge would not include the skills accumulated by his ancestors over many thousands of years.

Lost knowledge must be retrieved. It is time to learn again the skills of our ancestors!


If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at + 7 916 1765430 in Moscow or at +7 812 948 6545 in St. Petersburg or write to us at: info@wolfin.ru

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at + 7 495 643 3474 in Moscow or at +7 812 948 6545 in St. Petersburg or write to us at: info@wolfin.ru

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