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dmitrii aleshkin

Born in 1980. Higher education. Expert in survival under extreme conditions acknowledged by the state-recognized degree. Has the PADI Divemaster Certificate, Technical Diver.

Full member of the Russian Geographical Society. Co-Chairman of the Cross-Cultural Commission of the RGS.

Fluent in English and Spanish.

Excellent naturalist and zoologist

Was in charge of organizing and leading backpacking tours in Karelia, the Ural mountains, in southern and eastern Siberia, the Caucasus and other regions of our country as well as in Eastern Europe. Spent a year and a half in the Center and South Americas creating trekking routes over the Andes, in Patagonia, in Amazonian jungle and through the Mosquito Coast.

Traveled through the countries in the Near East, the Caucasus, Europe, Central Asia, across the continent of Australia. Many times participated in archeological expeditions. Studied the impact of high-temperature conditions on human organisms in the Sahara Desert in Morocco.

Has a wide experience in studying wild animals and plants in various regions of the Earth, organized many extreme tours and trekking hikes.

Main specialization: survival under extreme wildlife conditions.

igor trubachev

Born in 1979. Has higher education. Expert in survival under extreme conditions. Has a lot of experience in survival in various climatic regions of Russia and NIS countries.

Participated many times (in the capacity of an organizer) in trekking tours and expeditions in Eastern Siberia, Karelia, Central Russia, Ukraine, the Caucasus.

Has a wealth of expertise in zoology and ornithology, is an expert of the plant community in the regions of taiga and Arctic tundra as well as in temperate forests.

Has been coach with the Wölfin Survival School from its start. Conducted numerous 2-day and Basic Survival Courses as well as led trips in various regions of Russia.

Main specialization: survival under extreme wildlife conditions.

maxim sekarov

Born in 1980. Has higher education. Coach at the survival courses under extreme wildlife conditions.

Completed special training in the Russian armed forces. Jujitsu and Aikido trainer. Experienced hunter, pathfinder, naturalist. Has PADI Diver Certificate.

Has a wide experience of trekking trips and survival in various climactic zones. Took part in expeditions to the jungle of Southern Mexico and to Sahara desert.

Main specialization: survival under extreme wildlife conditions.

valeriy uglov

Born in 1972.

Has technical education.

Completed special training in a detachment of the separate special operations brigade of the Main Intelligence Directorate.

Master coach in hand-to-hand combat, Candidate Master of Sports in Greco-Roman wrestling

Coach of introductory survival courses and trips in Russia and in the NIS countries.

Experienced fisher and hunter with 30 years of experience in hunting and fishing. 

alexey saniyev

Traveler and tourist. Created the Voronezh Large Ecological Trail.

Participated in many trekking trips in the mountains and in the regions north of the Arctic Circle. Participant of the round-the-world project called Unknown World.

Traveled by hitchhiking all around the Middle East, crossed Nubian Desert in Sudan. Trekked in the Sahara desert and the deserts of the Arabian Peninsula, in the jungle of Kalimantan and Malay Peninsula. Traveled in Africa. Lived and worked in China, South and South-East Asia. Visited India, Nepal, Tibetan kingdom of Mustang. Veteran of combat operations.

Took part in the Chechen War and in the Humanitarian Demining of Campuchia.

Taught survival skills to military plane pilots.

konstantin yurikov

Born in 1980. Has higher education (specializing in Blasting Work at the Moscow State Mining University and in Urban Cadastral Survey at the Moscow Engineering Institute of Geodesy, Cartography and Aerial Photography).

Since 1995 became a member of Planeta, the youth branch of the Russian Geographical Society. Took part, together with Moscow State University scientists, in scientific expeditions studying soils across the Kola Peninsula and the Caucasus.

Trained in water-sports and bicycle sections of Moscow tourist clubs for a number of years. Acquired new skills there, got new friends and had a lot of fun from completing hiking routes.

Took part in water tours, hiking, bicycling, sailing and skiing trips of various categories of difficulty that were up to 45 days long and led across Central Russia, the Crimea, the Caucasus, Karelia, the Kola Peninsula, various zones in the Urals, the Western and Eastern Sayan mountains, and Kamchatka; was involved in organizing and conducting these trips.

Preferred life stance is for living in harmony with both nature and human beings, go hiking and exploring the world, keep improving oneself and sharing acquired experience with others.

vasiliy djioyev

Born in 1981 in Tskhinval (South Ossetia). Has higher education.

Likes sports and mountain hiking.

Served his time at the separate alpine troop of the military forces of the Republic of South Ossetia. Has experience of survival in the mountains.

Has hunting service experience.

Preferred life stance is for conquering new summits!



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