Basic Course

Tver' region
Basic Course
Tver' region
5 days
Difficulty level

Скидка для детей от 14 до 18 лет - 15% (при условии участия в походе с родителем)

Скидка по клубной карте - 7%


We have planned this course so that you can feel a connection to nature, experience it’s sights and sounds, and live there without any special equipment or tools; you should expect everything from it.

After taking this course, you will gain useful experience, and perhaps even understand yourself better.
Our program is designed so that you can learn the most applicable and useful skills possible.
The ultimate result is self-confidence as well as a sense of self-sufficiency in the Wild.

Course Dates

The courses are carried out in every single season of the year and under any weather conditions.

Course Locations

Summer season: Republic of Karelia, Samarskaya Luka, The middle Ural.
We will set up camp on Vottovaara mountain in Karelia which is well-known for its oldsaam seids. In the Urals we will combine training with traveling, and will cross the border between Europe and Asia.
In Samarskaya Luka the course is carried out in national park territory which is famous for having supernatural phenomena.

In winter the Basic Course is carried out at the border of the Moscow and Vladimir regions in the Meshera forest reserve and also in the Samarskaya Luka national park in the Samara region


This course lasts 5 days

Required Experience

Preliminary survival experience is not required


All the way you will be guided by one of our instructors, former officers of Russian special mission units.

Group Sizes

Groups range from 3 to 6 people

On the first day we will choose our camping site which will form the basis for further training.
Gathering necessary supplies for the camp will be made without using any specific equipment which means that we teach the participants to go without matches, axe, ropes and other tools in the wild.

Over the next days we will teach you the art of pathfinding, and the basics of rock climbing and rope handling. The last 2 days include a tracking tour to the place where we will finish the course, during which you will have an opportunity to practice the knowledge you have already acquired, make a path to an unknown area, to choose and prepare the place for an overnight stay, build a fire and find water.

Our goal

is to teach you basic survival skills through practice, not just demonstrate them to you.

Throughout the course you will learn

- to build a shelter that will protect you from cold, rain and wind

- to build a fire in different ways

- to cut firewood without an axe and saw

- to safely camp overnight

- to find and filter water

- to make mats

- to weave ropes

- to identify edible and inedible plants

- to work with a topographical map

- to find your bearings in an unfamiliar setting

- to map an area by yourself

- to climb gentle and vertical slopes

- to give out signals for help

When acquiring each new skill you will have time to practice it as well.

Basic course program

The course program you can find here

List of equipment

A list of equipment for this course you can find here

Course dates

Date of the courses see below in the order chart


430 EUR

You may take courses by yourself or with your family and friends. You also may choose the location of the course after meeting your instructor.

You should participate in our Basic Course to go further for our professional The Last Hero Course.

* We will help you plan your travel from start to finish.

We recommend this course for those who want to later take part in our expeditions and trekking tours to the unexplored and remote corners of the world.

If you have any questions, please, contact us at +7 (985) 643-34-74 or via e-mail at

Event program

1 день.
1 день.
  • занимаемся выбором места для лагеря
  • узнаем как обходиться на природе без топора, спичек, топора и т.п.
2-3 день.
2-3 день.

Отработаем различные способы:

  • работы с веревкой;
  • ориентирования на пересеченной местности;
  • оказания первой медицинской помощи;
  • очистки воды
4-5 день
4-5 день
  • Под руководством инструктора применяем полученные знания на практике.
  • Совершаем переход к месту окончания курса.

What you need to do

Список снаряжения

осень-весна здесь/лето здесь/зима здесь


до места встречи группы и обратно

Included in the price

  • Guide's service
  • Transfers in program
  • Camp food

Not included in the price

  • Tickets to initial point
  • Rent of personal equipment
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Программа лояльности

Программа лояльности — это скидки от 5 до 25% на участие в последующих курсах выживания, на маршрутах по России и экспедициях за рубеж.