Do I realy need this?

Московская область
Do I realy need this?
Московская область
2 days
Difficulty level
10–15 км
Group structure
до 12 человек


Our 2 day course is only carried out on weekends. It is intended for active tourism fans who want to start training in our school.
For a relatively short period of time our experienced instructors will show you the abc’s of bushcraft in extreme wilderness conditions.


Moscow Region


This course lasts 2 days

Group Sizes

Groups range from 3 to 12 people


Each group of 3-6 people is guided by a certified instructor, while a group of 6-12 people is attended by a certified instructor and an instructor assistant.

The goal

of this course is to demonstrate basic survival skills in the wild.

To clarify

Day 1

- Learn how to find suitable camping locations

- How to build a fire using various useful methods and techniques

- Get to know about different types of fires

- Set up temporary shelter using minimal materials

- At the end of the day you will have a picnic over the fire

Day 2

- Learn how to obtain water

- Then learn how to filter it

- Our instructor teaches you about the common edible plants and mushrooms of the forest as well as the ways they can be cooked while one is in survivalist conditions

- You will learn how to find your geographical bearings and become proficient with a topographical map and compass

The Course Program

Please find resources for the Spring and Summer course program here
The Fall and Winter course program can be found here

Date of the Courses

See below in the order chart

List of Equipment

A list of the equipment required can be found here


160 EUR

We would like to remind you that the acquired knowledge will help you in your further training and participation in later expeditions as well as tracking tours of the Wolfin survival school. Experience builds upon itself.

You can take the course alone or with your family and friends. You also may choose the location of the course to be carried out while meeting with your instructor. More detailed information on the individual course passage can be found in the course program.

If you are interested in our trial course program yet you are sure you want to learn and be able to do more we would recommend that you take part in a 5 day detailed course in Karelia. This course is designed for individuals with little or no wilderness survival experience.

* this program is highly flexible, and changes in location and season can be made
** Food supplies are provided by the school but the instructor assigns a cook on duty from the participants list.
*** If you have a specific dietary restrictions, please, mention this when booking a course.
**** We will help you plan your travel from start to finish.

If you have any questions, please, contact us at +7 (985) 643-34-74 or via e-mail at

Event program

Знакомство с азами выживания День 1
Знакомство с азами выживания

В первый день инструктор рассказывает, объясняет и обучает:
– принципу выбора места для стоянки
– как добыть огонь при помощи огнива
– различным способам очистки болотной и речной воды и ее фильтрации 
– как строить навесы из того, что растет в лесу и имеется у вас под руками

Закрепление полученных навыков День 2
Закрепление полученных навыков

Программа второго дня не менее насыщенная, чем первая:
– разведение костра на готовом кострище, используя старые угли;
– обучение пользованием картой, компасом, а также самостоятельное изготовление компаса;
– ориентирование в незнакомой местности с помощью Солнца и природных ориентиров, определение своего местонахождение по карте;
– передвижение по пересеченной местности по карте;

What you need to do

Список снаряжения

осень-весна здесь/лето здесь/зима здесь


до ж/д ст. Шатура 

Included in the price

  • Guide's service
  • Camp food

Not included in the price

  • Tickets to initial point
  • Personal expenses
  • Rent of personal equipment

Trust to Proffesionals

Do you want to travel individually or with your family and friends? We will confirm your dates and will offer you the most comfortable price. Call or email us.

Программа лояльности

Программа лояльности — это скидки от 5 до 25% на участие в последующих курсах выживания, на маршрутах по России и экспедициях за рубеж.