Kingdom of Alania. North Ossetia

North Ossetia
Kingdom of Alania. North Ossetia
North Ossetia
6 days
Difficulty level
70 км
Group structure
8-10 человек


Vladikavkaz – Koban – Karmadon – Dargavs – Zaygalan waterfall – Lats – Arkhon mountain pass – Ursdon – Zgid – Galiat - Vladikavkaz

One thousand years ago a large part of North Caucasus was included in the Kingdom of Alania. This was a powerful mediaeval kingdom that controlled parts of the Silk Road. After the crushing defeat that the Alans suffered from the horde led by Timur (Tamerlane), their towns fell to decay and many places were abandoned.

North Ossetia is a successor to the Kingdom of Alania. During our trip to the republic we shall see not only the most beautiful mountain ranges and passes, but also ruins of ancient towns and watch towers, centuries-old necropoleis which guard the bones of the ancestors of today’s Ossetians. We shall enter Christian temples and visit one of the oldest temples in the Caucasus. We shall find out who is Uastyrdzhi and why his image can be found in almost every home in Ossetiya.

Price per person: 18 500 RUR

Minors (under 18 years of age) get a 15% discount only if they take the trip with a parent.

Group consists of 6-12 people

Lenth: 70 km

Initial meeting placecity of Vladikavkaz, North Ossetia

Duration6 days


* Trek program can be changed due the weather conditions, physical conditions of participants, other reasons

Price includes:

  • all transfers,
  • food,
  • instructor's service,
  • rent of common equipment (tents, cooking equipment, GPS, etc.)

Additional expenses:

  • Проезд до Владикавказа и обратно,
  • rent of personal equipment,
  • personal expenses,
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г. Владикавказ Кобан Кармадон Даргавс водопад Зейгалан Лац Архонский перевал Урсдон Згид Галиат г. Владикавказ