Khibiny. Russian Polar Region

Murmansk region
Khibiny. Russian Polar Region
Murmansk region
7 days
Difficulty level
70 км
Group structure
8-10 человек


 The Khibiny Massif is a mountain range in the Kola Peninsula. Its height is relatively moderate—under 1200 meters. We shall experience the harsh beauty of the North during our trek: cliffs and snow, taiga and tundra. At first sight, nature seems to be forbidding here, yet once sun’s rays manage to get through the clouds, everything starts blooming. The general leaden gray hue disappears, lakes and rivers turn ultramarine, flowers come into bloom, lichens and moss stand out in high contrast on the rocks, surrounded by patches of snow.

The Khibiny are deformed, decaying mountains (their age is about 390 million years). The summits are plateau-like, with steep slopes. It is a true depositary of various minerals: the Kola Peninsula is second in the world in terms of mineral diversity.

Lenth: 70 km

Duration: 7 days

Initial meeting place: city of ApatityMurmansk region

Price per person: 19 500 RUR

Minors (under 18 years of age) get a 15% discount only if they take the trip with a parent.

Club discount - 7%

Group consists of 6-12 people

* Trek program can be changed due the weather conditions, physical conditions of participants, other reasons


  • all transfers,
  • food,
  • instructor's service,
  • rent of common equipment (tents, cooking equipment, GPS, etc.)
  • Additional expenses:

  • Travel to Apatity and back,
  • rent of personal equipment,
  • personal expenses,
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