Russian North Trekking

Vologda region
Russian North Trekking
Vologda region
6 days
Difficulty level
80 км
Group structure
8-10 человек


Vologda - Ferapontovo - Kirillov - Starodevichie - Beloye Ozero (Whaite Lake) - Belozersk - Cherepovets

The Vologda Region is a treasure-trove of ancient Russian history. Our trip will take us to one of the oldest towns in our country—Belozyorsk which was founded in 862 by Sineus, the legendary Varanger. We shall also see frescoes in the Ferapontov monastery created by Dionisius. We shall walk to Kirillo-Belozyorski monastery, the largest, area-wise, fortress in Northern Europe. Then we shall get to the half-abandoned Northern villages still living in accordance with the patterns of the 19th century.

Dates: April, 28-May, 3 2016

Price per person: 17 000 RUR

Minors (under 18 years of age) get a 15% discount only if they take the trip with a parent.

Club discount - 7%

Trek length – 80 km

Group consists of 6-15 people

Initial meeting place: city of Vologda

Trekking program*

Day 1

Arrival in Vologda. Sightseeing tour of the city. Visiting Archbishop’s Metachion. Learning more about the architectural style of the Russian North.

Transfer to Ferapontovo. Setting up a camp on the shore of the Ferapontovo Lake.

day 2

Visiting the Ferapontov Monastery. Its world-famous frescoes are included by the UNESCO in the World Heritage List. They were created by the great Dionisius in the second half of the 16th century.

Leaving the monastery we shall go hiking through the thick taiga forests that surround this ancient gem of Russia. We shall stop for the night at the forest stream.

day 3

In the morning, when reaching Kirillov, we shall go see the Kirillo-Belozyorski monastery. It was basically a fortress in the Middle Ages, in which both the monks and locals could fight off invading Poles during the Time of Troubles or save their lives from the attacks of robbers.

Kirillo-Belozyorski monastery is area-wise the largest fortress in Northern Europe.

We shall stay for the night on the shore of the Siverskoye Lake.

day 4

Walking towards Starodevichie, a settlement on the shore of the Sheksna Water Reservoir that was created during Stalin’s rule within the framework of the White Sea Canal, for which thousands of GULAG prisoners toiled.

Along the way we shall pass partly abandoned or completely empty villages of the Russian North. If we are lucky, we can speak to locals and enjoy their inimitable way of pronouncing words retaining the unstressed “o” vowels.

After crossing the Sheksna river on the ferry, we shall set up camp for the night.

day 5

Having taken an invigorating swim in the Sheksna, we shall walk towards the Beloye Lake. Along the way we shall encounter swamps, tree blowdowns as well as lots of lingonberries and cranberries from the previous year that remained in great condition under the snow. We shall experience here a true fairy tale of the taiga.

In the times of Peter the Great, a bypass channel was dug out around the shore of the Beloye Lake. Since we want to reach the actual lake shore, we must first find a bridge across the canal.

We shall stay for the night at the Beloye Lake waterfront, 

day 6

After a 2-to-3-hour-walk we shall get to Belozyorsk, one of the oldest towns in Russia. The earth mounds in downtown are considered to be those of the previously existing fortress from the times of Sineus, the first ruler in the area who was the brother of Rurik, the first Russian prince.

Also, many monumental, massive churches built in the 16th and 17th centuries were left unscathed in this town.

In the middle of the day we shall get on the bus to Cherepovets from where one can leave on the night train either for Moscow or for St. Petersburg.

* Trek program can be changed due the weather conditions, physical conditions of participants, other reasons

Meals are to be made from food that is provided by the Wolfin Survival School and will be distributed among all participants.

Required equipment: a rucksack (50-60 litres), a sleeping bag (+10 comfort), a carry mat, suitable clothes and shoes, headwear, a field knife, matches, a spoon, a bowl, insect repellent, a flask or plastic bottle, a personal first aid kit, personal care items, a torch light, trekking poles, and a poncho,

Price includes:

- all transfers on the route

- food

- instructor’s service

- museums' entrance fee

- rent of common equipment (tents, cooking equipment, GPS, etc.)

Additional expenses: travel expenses to and from initial meeting place, rent of personal equipment, personal expenses

Do You want to go to this trek individually or with your family or friends only? We can find convinient dates for you and we will help you to buy tickets to the meeting point. Just call or write us!

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г. Вологда Феропонтово Кириллов Стародевичье Белое озеро Белозерск г. Череповец